Wholesale IP Transit

Do your downloads crawl? Do you wait for videos and webpages to load? Does your Internet connection lag at 3PM?

True North Net Inc has designed, documented, and built a secure, scalable, enterprise grade Cisco based network. The benefits of upgrading to a uniform routing and switching platform have included: ease of configuration, rock solid uptime and reliability, and increased visibility into performance and network events.

Whether you just need a redundant backup connection, or a faster primary connection, you can trust that with True North Net Inc your network will always be stable, and will always perform blazing fast.

Network Monitoring

Do you know how often your connection is maxed out or nearly maxed out? Do you know how stable your latency is to your VoIP provider? How long would a Denial of Service attack take to be noticed?

Knowing exactly what is happening on your network is a very critical aspect to running an Internet connected network.

True North Net Inc is strongly committed to monitoring all aspects of a network, including:

  • performance
  • latency/jitter
  • availability of network and services
  • primary/redundant path status
  • netflow
  • (un)authorized access

If your current solution is missing any of these critical elements you might be making decisions without a full set of information. True North Net Inc can assist with setup of monitoring systems, or design and install a custom turn-key monitoring solution for you. Contact us for more details.